Carl’s Story

When Life Comes to Work

Carl shuffles across the parking lot a few minutes after nine o’clock in the morning and slowly makes his way down the hall to the employee break room. The dazed look on his face has been there since he was told that his wife had been diagnosed with an inoperable cancer, and the prognosis was bleak.

Carl is obsessed with the thought that his three young children will grow up not knowing their mother.  His mind is a blur trying to work out how he’s going to keep up with weekly chemo treatments, doctor visits, medical bills, family meals and keeping the house in order.  And the kids need to be taken to daycare every morning before work.

But Carl is strong and has faced tough times before, so he’s confident that he can make it through this trial.  He splashes coffee into his work mug, oblivious to a co-worker extending a ‘good morning’ greeting from across the room.

The humming in his head increases as he dons his hardhat and steps onto the factory floor to take over the stamping machine from the third shift.

How long will Carl last before the strain begins to take its toll?

What effect will this have on Carl’s production and quality levels?

Could the company be held liable for damages or injury he inflicts on himself… or others?