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A Chaplain Assistance Program
that Meets Workers Where They Are.

Worksite Chaplains works with companies
to provide compassion, understanding, comfort and a listening ear
to employees burdened by life’s many challenges.

A Cry for Help

Employees don’t leave their struggles at the front door.  Worksite Chaplains serve as an on-site resource for individuals seeking help.

An Outlet to Talk

A Chaplain serves as a trusted, compassionate friend who listens with an unbiased ear, and provides comfort and assistance in return.

A Positive Outcome

With a resource available to voice their concerns, employees go back to being vibrant, contributing members of the workforce.

The Many Benefits of Chaplains in the Workplace

“Companies are trying to prevent violence on the job, but they are not using guards or guns.  They are turning to corporate chaplains.”


Worksite Chaplains empowers businesses to realize the bottom-line benefits of a happy workplace.

Employee Rentention

Studies show that the availability of a Chaplain dramatically reduces employee turnover.

Improved Morale

An unhappy workforce is infectious.  Successful businesses provide the resources that keep employees happy.

Increased Productivity

By reducing absenteeism and “presenteeism” caused by personal issues, companies see impressive positive results in productivity levels.

Enhanced Goodwill

Happy employees carry the banner for the business wherever they go, extolling the virtues of an operation that cares for its workers.

“Some companies are adding a new position to the staff:  A Corporate Chaplain.  It’s not about religion.  It’s about increasing productivity.”

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